Hybrid Face Shields

Medical studies show that students touch their face 23 times per hour on average. Invenovate's reusable DIY Hybrid Face Shields prevent users from touching their face with a design that provides comfort, convenience, and protection against microparticles.

All you'll need to build a Hybrid Face Shield are plastic wrap, velcro, a nail and thread, and a stapler. We've tested the masks with Georgia Tech's home evaluation techniques.


COVID-19 Shield


BuddyEye lets you work with your child to stay safe in public places. It alerts parents if their child wanders and quickly reunites them utilizing GPS tracking.

PA-WE Wristbands


We are a startup consisting of Georgia Tech students creating effective, efficient, and reliable hardware and software products that will solve challenges in keeping young children safe.

Meet the team

Alejandro Campos
Alejandro Campos - Co-Founder

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 2020
Georgia Institute of Technology

Mechanical Engineering major in Georgia Tech from Quito, Ecuador. I admire Amazon, Tesla, and SpaceX because of their innovative achievements. My current favorite product is Tesla Cybertruck. I like prototyping out of the box innovative simple products. I like to play soccer and I like craft beer. I dislike dishonesty, wasted time, and mediocracy. I decided to work on Invenovate because I always wanted to have my own business built from scratch that focuses on doing something innovative.

Tillson Galloway
Tillson Galloway - Co-Founder

B.S. Computer Science, 2022
Georgia Institute of Technology

I’m a second-year Computer Science major working on Invenovate. I’ve been coding since seventh grade, and am currently studying artificial intelligence and computer theory. I’m passionate about abstractions, entrepreneurship, and teaching. I joined Invenovate to solve impactful problems, to create things that people value, and to build something from the ground-up.

Mark Saad
Mark Saad

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, 2021
Georgia Institute of Technology

I am a 4th year mechanical engineering student with an interest in controls and automation. Specifically, I am interested in machine learning and its applications to engineering systems. I admire Elon Musk for his ability to bring crazy ideas to reality and push the boundaries of science. Like Alejandro, I also like soccer, but unlike Alejandro, I am not that good and I also do not like craft beer. I am working in this startup because I see the vision and I would like to learn on how to make a successful company. I will be moving to Natick, MA this summer to work full-time at MathWorks, and I'll be working on Invenovate part-time.

Martin Jacobson
Martin Jacobson

Faculty, Georgia Institute of Technology