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We are a startup consisting of Georgia Tech students creating effective, efficient, and reliable hardware and software products that will solve challenges in keeping young children safe.

Meet the team

Alejandro Campos
Alejandro Campos - Co-Founder

Mechanical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

Mechanical Engineering major in Georgia Tech from Quito, Ecuador. I admire Amazon, Tesla, and SpaceX because of their innovative achievements. My current favorite product is Tesla Cybertruck. I like prototyping out of the box innovative simple products. I like to play soccer and I like craft beer. I dislike dishonesty, wasted time, and mediocracy. I decided to work on Invenovate because I always wanted to have my own business built from scratch that focuses on doing something innovative.

Tillson Galloway
Tillson Galloway - Co-Founder

Computer Science
Georgia Institute of Technology

I’m a second-year Computer Science major working on Invenovate. I’ve been coding since seventh grade, and am currently studying artificial intelligence and computer theory. I’m passionate about abstractions, entrepreneurship, and teaching. I joined Invenovate to solve impactful problems, to create things that people value, and to build something from the ground-up.

Chitrita Saxena
Chitrita Saxena

Industrial Design, Georgia Institute of Technology

I’m an Industrial Designer from Georgia Tech. I’m passionate about creating design that is honest, assembling ideas that are well thought out from the perspective of a business as well as a user, and composing inventions that are uncompromised in form, function and aesthetics. Born in India and grown up all over the world, the unique blend of cultures that I’ve experienced throughout my life significantly shapes the way I work and adapt to my surroundings. There’s a lot of work that goes into building a startup, and even more that goes into making it a successful one. Having the opportunity to work with such a great team at Invenovate and learning from my amazing partners/coworkers is something I’m really looking forward to.

Matias Girardi
Matias Girardi

Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Hello, I am a Mechanical Engineer and Designer, with a degree from Georgia Tech. I come from Argentina and have lived in the Netherlands, Brazil, USA, and Italy at different times of my life. A company that I really admire is Prusa Research for making affordable and great 3D-Printers with integrity and excellent execution. A product I wish I had developed myself is the Popsocket, once you get one there's no turning back. I like 3D-printing, cooking, and leaving my phone on mute to connect with family and friends. I dislike being woken up mid-sleep, roller coaster rides make me sick, and liquorice is gross. Being a part of Invenovate is meaningful to me because we create products that solve challenges for families. This, for me, means “doing the right thing”.

Martin Jacobson
Martin Jacobson

Faculty, Georgia Institute of Technology